Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blog Assignment 1

Hello! My name is Katie, and I am a 19 year old student here at South Alabama; soon to be 20. I transfered here from Faulkner State in Bay Minette. I am originally from Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. in the suburbs. My family moved to Alabama in 2007, and we have lived here for four years now. I absolutely love it here, and intend on trying to stay here a while in future career pursuits. I graduated high school in 2009, my alma mater is Spanish Fort High School in Spanish Fort, Alabama. I chose the University of South Alabama because they had so many great programs and excellent reviews, and then I heard about their education program; I decided to come here and enroll in the College of Education, majoring in Elementary Education. My boyfriend, Kyle Pritchett, also attend USA, and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. We will have been together for two years in September, and they have been the best two years of my life. I also have two siblings, both older: my sister, Kim, who is 29, and my brother, Chris, who is 40. Both live in separate states however, so we do not see each other very often. I love cats and dogs, and hope to one day have a couple each for pets. The beach is my favorite place to go during the summer, and fishing there is the best. I love food, just do not like making it as much because I fail at cooking hahaha. I love many different types of music and many many movies. I am always up to try something new usually, unless it involves bugs or insects all over me...then not so much. Well, this pretty much sums it up....I could go on, but I do not want to talk your ears off haha.

I have always been one to procrastinate if I really do not want to do something, and Randy Pausch shed a whole new light on that. He really gives good tips such as making a to do list or making sure that by the day's end your inbox is completely empty. Mr. Pausch also kept a good sense of humor about it all, even though he was dying from pancreatic cancer; unfortunately he passed away at the age of 47. But his family created the chairty fund called the Carnegie Mellon's Randy Pausch Memorial Fund, and people come from all over to donate money for research after hearing his brave and rough story. He actaully had chemotherapy right before going on stage for his Time Management seminar...and chemo can be very painful and gruesome. The three computers may have been a bit much there though, no matter how cheap they are haha. However, I do agree with his chart: the unimportant versus the important, along with due soon or due later. That can really help you put persceptive on which things come first and which can go last. He was really good with explaining why you should wear a headset with any phone so you can go hands free and finish chores or go for a bike ride even. I really enjoyed this video and all of Mr. Pausch's helpful tips, and hopefully everyone else does too!

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  1. Hi, Katie!

    Welcome to EDM310! I have a couple of things in your "About Me" that I would like to respond to.

    1) WOW! That's a crazy huge age difference between you and your siblings!

    2) My boyfriend and I have been dating almost four years, and he's a chemical engineering student here at South. He's a senior and about to graduate - thank goodness! He's also in a wheelchair. Maybe your boyfriend knows him?

    Also, you're one of the few that actually took the time to Google Randy Pausch. His story is both heart-breaking and inspiring. You'll definitely be hearing more about him later this semester.

    Good luck!

    - Allie