Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Post Assignment #4


I thought this was really cool, and didn't even think of how first graders could get their hands on a little bit of technology. It was kind of surprising to know that 6 and 7 year olds are dabbling in blogs and videos. But it's also really great for them because they can get to know certain applications and sites for kids their age. One day they might be interacting the kids around the globe using blogs as well.

The Education Podcast Network

This site was really nice, especially all the podcasts they had. It's good to know that people are using online web tools for everyday tings and that certain subjects are really talked about and listened to. There is a section that it just for the kids and for them to make podcasts and videos and such. I really like listening to them and think it is really great that elementary students are getting involved in such cool ways.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom

There are many benefits for podcasting in the classroom. It is a very effective way to interact with students outside of the classroom, and they are familiar with computers in this generation, so it something relevant to them. Having podcasts and such allows for the students to be different and have projects to help them learn. The kids are so much more creative and there are so many unique outcomes. The parents don't have to be told what the kids are doing in class, they can watch and hear what they are doing. It is so much more innovative and helpful for students that can't make it school as well. I think Mr. Dale was right on the dot for all these point he made.


  1. "One day they might be interacting the kids around the globe using blogs as well.
    "One day?" Right now!

    "all these point he made." point ?

    I hope these helped in your preparation for your podcast.

  2. Hello Katie,

    I am also impressed with how these young students are getting familiarized with technology such as podcasts. These students are being taught such valuable tools by their teachers. If only all teachers would find innovative ways to incorporate things like podcasts into their classrooms! It would certainly be a creative alternative to consider instead of lecturing students. Many teachers probably do not use podcasts because they do not know how to create a podcast. Would you consider using podcasts in your classroom?

    I would suggest reviewing and revising your blog to fix any simple spelling errors. We all make mistakes when typing, which is why it is so important to re-read posts to make sure that any and all errors are eliminated. Other than that, I really enjoyed your post!