Thursday, December 1, 2011

Final C4K (November Comments)

Knowing this is my last C4K summary makes me kind of sad, because I really enjoyed looking at all of these children's blogs and commenting on so many creative posts :). However I have had the pleasure of having my last three (3) comments be on great comments by students young and a bit older. 

My first assignment was a post by a girl who I assume is named Meredith, mainly because she used a screen name: meredith123. She is in Mr. Mike Gwaltney's10th-12th grade History class. In her post she wrote about having to choose a class for school, but the main mission: NOT to take a note-based class but one more project- based. She is now taking a project based history course, and loves it of course. Her teacher tapes her presentations and they go over what she can improve on and how she can certain things a bit differently next time. The class is given the freedom to research any topic they want, but it can be hard sometimes because of all that freedom. She uses Wikipedia to do a bit of research, and then goes more in depth by searching for more information in Google. She has learned that this can really sharpen her skills and help you find things on your own. She can also share her experiences with her classmates, show how much she has learned, and also show them how in depth she is able to go with information. 

My comment: Taking a project- based class is excellent experience for college, and also helps you build your presentation skills. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to have an unlimited number of research opportunities; but also it can be difficult to find one with so much freedom because there are so many areas of history that can be researched! Showing your classmates what you can do can be a great way for them to realize how much they can do. Google is amazing because you can find images, new clips, biographies...anything you can imagine! Good luck with your class and hope you have many more like classes to come!

My second assignment was a girl in Mrs. Yollis' class, Leila. She lives in Los Angeles, California and is eight years old. Her post was about a tree she sees everyday while driving in her neighborhood, and it included a picture of the tree as well. She wonders if all trees change colors at different times, because her aunt's trees in Massachusetts changed colors a couple of weeks before theirs did. Also, she asks what colors every one else sees most in trees.

My comment to this was that I thought the picture of the tree was very pretty, and very ready for Fall to begin. Also, many trees change at different times of each other since nature is a bit tricky like that. I put that I see many orange and red colored trees, also some brown leaves.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the third student I posted a comment on, Brandon R. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand and goes to Point England School. He is in the individual students room 13, and is in the 4th grade. his post was about Aussie Rules, a ball game the students play at P.E.One day room 13 played Aussie Rules, and were taught how to play by the teachers Megan and Allysa. He learned to pass the ball by hitting it with his fist. This skill taught him how to pass the ball properly. He thought they were using an American football, but was really an AFL football. They also played ball Tiggy, and he got to be a tagger. The weather went from warm to cold alot, but he didn't want to go back inside. 

For my comment I put the usual of who I was and where I am from, and then wrote my opinion on his post and asked a question. I put that his post about Aussie rules was quite interesting, because I had never heard off the game. He did a very neat job of writing his thoughts about it, and the picture made it even better. I asked him what an AFL football was because I have never seen one or heard of that kind of ball. Also that ball Tiggy sounds quite fun! At the end, I told him to keep up the good work on his blog and have fun in school!

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