Sunday, October 2, 2011

C4K Summary Post

These C4K assignments have been very eye opening and I thoroughly enjoyed them! One of the students I was assigned lives in Texas and her name is Morgan. She is a 2nd grader in Mrs. Dahl's class and loves to read books. Her post that I commented on was typed very well, and she talked about a book she had been reading called 'Smarter Than Squirrels'. Morgan really liked this book, and though it was funny because the main characters were dogs and they got into a lot of trouble trying to find their owners. Eventually, the dogs found their owners by smelling a familiar scent of donuts. My comment on post was about how the book sounded like a very good book, and I also thought it would be funny for dogs to find their owners by smelling donuts. I also wrote that I hoped she kept up the good work on her blog, and for her to keep on reading!

Another C4K I was assigned to do was a video interview at St. Elmo Elementary School in St. Elmo, Alabama. two students, Cade and Elise were told to do a video interview with their new iPads. Elise was the interviewer and Cade answered the questions. This particular interview was about Cade's book report on a baseball player named Satchel Paige, and how baseball was different for whites and African Americans back when it first started to get popular. The interview was very smooth and I was really impressed by how natural the students were. Plus they didn't seem nervous at all, which is quite the opposite of what I expected.

My other assigned C4K assignment was to a student named Tracey that attend PT England School and is 8 years old. Her blog was quite different from others as she did most subjects on England and all kinds of different facts. One blog was about a sport called rugby and all kinds of interesting things about it. They actually have championships for rugby and different leagues and such. I posted a comment on the rugby post because it was very cool and something new. I wrote how I had heard of the sport, but never watched a championship on TV or really followed it much. However, I would like to know more about it and what her favorite parts about the sports are. I also wrote how England must be a lot of fun with all the sites and famous places.

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