Tuesday, November 15, 2011

C4K Assignment #10 Part 1

Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog

Out of all the blogs we have been assigned to, this one has been the coolest and most involved. Mrs. Yollis really involves her kids and puts them in the drivers seat for all the class activities. I like how the parents actually have a Parents Blogger Month in November, and many of them post comments and then let the distant family know; so every kids has many family members joining in to help them better the blog and comment on how well the class has done. Mrs. Yollis also has a rotating globe with a list under it letting people know how many visitors they get and where the people are from. I took a look at it and they come from all over the world! There are many videos and pictures of the class during activities, and also videos for instruction on blogs and how to post a comment. The students do an excellent job of explaining how to do certain things on a blog, including the do's and do not's of the blogger world. I took a look at Mrs. Yollis' page and she has been everywhere! I have never even thought of teaching in another country for a little while, and now it is definitely an option, along with travelling the world and seeing so many different places. She has actually swam with turtles in Hawaii, which is always an amazing experience; just swimming with any kind of marine animal would be an adventure. As I was looking through past experiments with posts she has tried, I came across the students' pets putting up comments about what they do on Halloween, and for the record...that is one of the cutest ideas ever! Involving everyone in the kids' activities in the classroom is a great way to keep the parents up to date about what the kids are doing, and even gives them visuals and videos to see. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and everyone else in the family can also see what amazing progress the students have had. Another thing I liked was the teacher resource links for tips and information on activities, different ways to give lessons, and all the ideas for projects and getting the kids involved about learning to use technology. I think for kids in a classroom like this, the ability to learn subjects and have fun while doing it is imperative. I truly enjoyed perusing Mrs. Yollis' blog and everything the students have done. 

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  1. So here is your charge: Be a Mrs. Yollis teacher! Think you can do it? That's what we want to have happen!