Wednesday, November 2, 2011

C4K Summary Post (October Comments)

As per usual, I love looking at these student's blogs that we are assigned to and seeing what they are interested in and different things they enjoy learning about. My recent C4K assignments have been as follows:

My first assignment was Ava, from Leopold Primary School in Victoria, Australia. She is a student in 2KM, and wrote about her love of horseback riding. On her post there was even a slideshow she made using Photopeach: she had put a few pictures together of her at a horse farm riding during a lesson and put some country music in it. It was very nicely done, and many other comments said they thought so too. She asked a few questions such as "did you enjoy my horse slideshow made with photopeach?" "have you every ridden any horses?" "what is your favorite animal?"
I responded firstly by saying her slideshow was excellent, and I thought the type of music was a very nice touch. To her next question I responded I had ridden horses before a few times, and it IS quite fun. And lastly, my favorite animal is a dog, but cats are also my favorite animal as well.

My next assignment was a Year 4 class in Auckland, New Zealand in Room 12 at Pt. England School. This post had the Canadian flag with mountains in the background. It was a voice over presentation by a child about the syrup that Canada makes and how it tastes really good on pancakes. The flag also had Canada written on it. 
I love Canada

There were many comments on this post, and I thought about my travels with my parents when they went on business trips. I commented by saying how I have been to Canada with my parents on a business trip, and it was winter there so it was freezing cold. But they do have really good syrup, and the pancakes are delicious too. But more importantly I wrote how pretty and flowy their Canadian flag was in the power point. Also, that whoever did the voice did a very good job, but maybe speak a tiny bit louder so we can hear them better next time. 

Last, but certainly not the lest, was the most recent post I have commented on about a student named Meredith in Mike Gwaultney's 10-12 grade history class. Meredith had written about wanting to take a different kind of history class other than just a note and test kind of deal. So she ended up choosing a project based class where they have discussions, and instead of actual tests, they do projects. The nice thing about it is all the freedom they have on which topics they can choose, however that can also be the tough part: choosing a topic with that much freedom. But the teacher, Mr. Gwaultney does them a favor by video taping each performance so they can comment on it and decide what she can do better and different for the next project she does. One thing she really likes about the class is the ability to look all the information up on Wikipdia and then going in to Google to dig even deeper. I also saw that likes showing her classmates what she has learned and how much information she is able to find with all the extra resources. 

As I was reading this post, it dawned on me that we never had any kind of project based classes in high school and it would have been really nice to have had that. Hands-on type classes are always fun because you can do things on your own and make it into something truly amazing. So in my comment I wrote that it was a good idea to rather be in a different kind of class than just the usual notes and test based. Her choice to do a project based history class was an excellent one! She has so many other options in a  project based class as well as the freedom to choose whatever topic she pleases. I also wrote that using extra resources such as Google and other sites are really helpful with papers and such because of the amount of information you can find. And the ability to get deeper into your topic and find out brand new things is always fun!

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